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The Cosmpolitan

Oswald von Wolkenstein: politician, diplomat, castle owner, Knight of the Reign and bon vivant... these were his "main professions". Today, he is primarily known for his most important "hobby": he was a poet, musician and composer, a fine singer and player of diverse instruments and, ostensibly, mastered about ten languages. Alongside rarely heard pieces, Ensemble Leones presents a series of premiere recordings: these range from multilingual "macaronic" Lieder and travel descriptions to true musical gems.


A PDF to an English translation of all of Oswald's song texts. Refer to "Kl" numbers to find the texts from this recording.


Els Janssens-Vanmunster (B/F) - voice

Miriam Andersén (S) - voice, harp, cow horn, rattle

Tobie Miller (CAN/CH) - voice, hurdy-gurdy

Baptiste Romain (F/CH) - vielle, bagpipes

Marc Lewon (D) - voice, plectrum lute, cetra, cielle; direction

Liane Ehlich (D/CH) - medieval transverse flute


A complete English translation of all sung text can be found in:  Classen, Albrecht: The Poems of Oswald von Wolkenstein. An English Translation of the Complete Works (1376/77-1445), New York: Palgrave Macmillan 2008 (The New Middle Ages), pp. 151-2 (track 01), 96-100 (track 04), 167 (track 05), 79-82 (track 06), 134-5 (track 07), 157-8 (track 09), 217-8 (track 11), 66-7 (track 12), 153-5 (track 14), 174-5 (track 15), 216-7 (track 16).


A coproduction with Swiss Radio (SRF 2) and Schloss Tirol.

Link to the website of the Christophorus-Label.


Additional information about the recording:



A short introduction to the CD programme.
Track List
A list of all the tracks on the CD with information about composers, durations, suites, and instrumentation.
Preface by Dieter Kühn† (writer)
An atmospheric introduction to Oswald's personality and the content of this CD by the author Dieter Kühn.