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The following concert and recording projects are currently available:

Neidhart - Stories from the "Vale of Tears"
Neidhart's songs were a hit in the world of the minnesingers - this programme presents the earliest surviving minnesang melodies and they can thrill today's audiences just as well.
Oswald von Wolkenstein - The World and I
The famed "last of the Minnesingers", passed down to us a unique repertory that touches all aspects of human life: his songs tell of love, fate, triumph, and defeat. This programme presents "Oswald the man of the world", and "Oswald the private citizen". Gripping story-telling wrapped in beautiful melodies and harmonies.
Harken, Christianity!
This programme presents the deeply religious sides of the greatest German poet-composers of the late Middle Ages—The "Monk of Salzburg" and Oswald von Wolkenstein—, which inspired them to employ their poetic and compositorial talent to greatest effect. Oswald does so with wonderful new melodies, the "Monk" by finding new, German texts to ancient gregorian chant.
Les fantaisies de Josquin
Josquin Desprez - greatest of Renaissance masters and composer of instrumental music of the first generation - mesmerizes with a programme of lush instrumental music.
Colours in the Dark
Alexander Agricola was regarded master of the "obscure style". Ensemble Leones is on the scent of his densely woven counterpoint which comes to effect particularly in his instrumental oeuvre.
With his “Metamorphoses” Ovid inspired western literature and music until the present day. Medea and Narcissus, Pythagoras and Pygmalion, Orpheus and Python - these figures and their fates are all-pervasive in the songs of late 14th century composers, inspiring them to produce some of the finest and most unusual works of the Middle Ages.
The Song of the Nibelungs
Tales of intrigue, treason, revenge, and valiant battles – the stuff that makes an heroic epics. The Song of the Nibelungs, the two outstanding gem a the once abundant treasure-trove of Germanic epics, resounds to the instruments of its time: harp, citole, vielle, and crwth.
Three of the programmes (Neidhart/Oswald/Song of the Nibelungs) are particularly suited as lecture concerts, because of their intimate connection of text and music.