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Ensemble Leones
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Les fantaisies de Josquin

The debut CD of Ensemble Leones is devoted to one of the key composers responsible for the blossoming of instrumental music: Josquin Desprez. This is intended as a fitting tribute to his previously neglected secular instrumental works. The bonus track presents a new composition "Sei gelobt, du Baum" by Arvo Pärt. The composition binds together the old instruments and tonal quality of the early music ensemble with the present day.


Raitis Grigalis (LV/CH) - baritone

Baptiste Romain (F/CH) - Renaissance violin, vielle

Uri Smilansky (IL/GB) - viola d'arco

Elizabeth Rumsey (AUS/CH) - viola d'arco, Renaissance gamba

Kirsty Whatley (GB) - harp

Gawain Glenton (GB) - cornetto

Marc Lewon (D) - lute, gittern, viola d'arco; direction



Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (CH) - Baroque violin

Martin Wyss (CH) - double bass


A coproduction with Swiss Radio (DRS 2).

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Additional information about the recording:

A short introduction to the CD programme.
Track List
A list of all the tracks on the CD with information about composers, durations, suites, and instrumentation.
The Lyrics
All sung texts with translations.
A detailed list of all the instruments that were used in this recording including their makers and players.
Some additional information concerning the concept, special playing techniques, and instruments employed in the recording.
Sei gelobt, du Baum (Be praised, o tree)
Detailed information about the inspiration and composition of this piece by Arvo Pärt for baritone, gittern, violin, and double bass, and how it came to be part of the recording.