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ensemble leones
Ensemble Leones
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Argentum et Aurum

The period of the early Habsburgs, from c.1340 to c.1520, saw the development of a richly diverse musical culture in the Austrian region. This pioneering selection, the product of an extensive research project conducted at the University of Vienna, presents an overview of music in everyday life, in many cases in première recordings performed by Ensemble Leones. The music is sacred and secular, allowing the listener to eavesdrop on Tyrolean palaces, dance halls and bourgeois homes, and on the singer-poets who travelled the country where old local styles fused with the latest international fashions.


Ensemble Leones


Els Janssens-Vanmunster - voice

Raitis Grigalis - voice

Elizabeth Rumsey - vielle, viola d'arco, Renaissance gamba

Uri Smilansky - viola d'arco

Baptiste Romain - vielle, Renaissance violin

Marc Lewon - lute, vielle, viola d'arco, cetra; Leitung



Miriam Andersén - cow horn [Track 03]

Tobie Miller - hurdy-gurdy [Track 08]

Liane Ehlich - transverse flute [Track 11]


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