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Sabine Lutzenberger – voice

Raitis Grigalis – voice

Baptiste Romain – vielle, bagpipes

Marc Lewon – lute, cetra, voice


The greatest German poet-composers of the late Middle Ages—The "Monk of Salzburg" and Oswald von Wolkenstein—are not only the most outstanding representatives of the blossom of secular song-writing. It is not widely known that they also were composers of sacred music in German tongue. The programme "Hark, Christianity!" presents this deeply religious aspects of both
authors which inspired them to employ their poetic and compositorial talent to greatest effect.

Oswald does so with wonderful new melodies, the "Monk" by finding new, German texts to ancient gregorian chant. Both approaches combine the individual strengths of those authors and couple them to a new concert programme that is both: familiar and yet new.


live videos on youtube:

Ave mater, o maria (Oswald von Wolkenstein)

Keuschlich geboren (Oswald  von Wolkenstein)

Ich klag, ich klag (Oswald von Wolkenstein)

Mich tröst ain adeliche mait (Oswald von Wolkenstein)


This programme was recorded with German Radio DLF in 2013 and is forthcoming with the Christophorus label in spring 2014.