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Mo 24.08.

10.00 Uhr

Basevi Codex

Mezzaluna, Paul O’Dette, Crawford Young & Marc Lewon

AMUZ Online

Archivkonzert im Rahmen von "Polyphony Connects" des Festivals AMUZ

Sendung des Live-Mitschnitts von Donnerstag, dem 20.8.2015.

Mit: Mezzaluna, Paul O’Dette, Crawford Young & Marc Lewon
The Basevi codex, preserved in Firenze at the Conservatory library, is one of Petrus Alamires manuscripts that appeals most to ones imagination. The book, in a unique oblong format, is the only manuscript exant from a northern European workshop commissioned by an Italian, containing the oldest and the most comprehensive collection of profane repertoire, counting a total of 87 compositions, among them no less than 56 chansons. Recent musicological research resulted in new theories about an exclusively instrumental performance of the compositions from this manuscript. Living legend Paul O’Dette and Peter Van Heyghen demonstrate this with their lute and recorder consort. In a dialogue between the two ensembles you will hear the most beautiful chansons in an instrumental interpretation.

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