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Sa 29.08.

15.00 Uhr

Man de fyèr – Ironhand -- ABGESAGT --

Ensemble Leones

Utrecht (Oude Muziek Festival)

Oswald von Wolkenstein: Knight, Singer, Legend


Oswald von Wolkenstein was a man of many talents: knight, warrier, and world traveller on the one hand, poet, singer, and legendary figure on the other. And these multiple facets are reflected in his works: His monophonic songs tell of his adventures when travelling the entire continent, of his pilgrim's voyage to the Holy Land, and of his ship wreck in the Black Sea. But they also show how closely he was connected to his native South Tyrol: when he sings of the cold winters in his castle or vividly describes spring's awakening in the Gardena Valley – even local feuds are mentioned in his songs. It is these many faces of Oswald that made him such an exuberant personality and granted him a place in a local saga, which was still told in Tyrol's mountains in the 19th century. In the local Romanesque tongue "Ladin" the story says that a spell lay on Oswald's hand, which let him break any musical instrument he would touch. Therefore, people called him "Man de fyèr", or "Ironhand". Only an unhappy love to a mountain elf could break the spell and would make him to the greatest singer of the land – at the cost of true happiness... With their programme "Ironhand", Ensemble Leones combine the two extremes of this "last of the minnesingers": Songs the tell from his journeys, full of anecdotes and bold adventures on the one side, and songs that delve into very personal aspects of his Tyrolean home on the other, including some unique two voice settings that Oswald had composed himself, connected to improvisation practices from South Tyrol.