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Ensemble Leones
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me 21.08.

22.15 Uhr

Argentum & Aurum: Marry your Fortune

Ensemble Leones

AMUZ-Kirche, Antwerpen (B)

Mary of Burgundy & Maximilian of Austria


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Since the 14th century Austria's unofficial motto had been "Tu felix Austria, nube". The marriage of Mary of Burgundy with Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, in Ghent in 1477 was just another rung on this ladder of success. While in Mary’s time the musical life in Burgundy was unquestionably climbing unparalleled heights, music in the Early Habsburg realm of the 15th century had hitherto not been regarded very highly in modern scholarship. However, a research project to which Ensemble Leones had contributed considerably in recent years (“Musical Life of the Late Middle Ages in the Austrian Region”; online publication) has shown that music in 15th-century Austria thrived and brought forth a plethora of musical styles: imports from Burgundy and England were performed side by side with “homegrown” repertoires. These include for example polyphonic compositions by local cantors, as the Viennese cantor Hermann Edlerawer, as well as a late blossoming of Minnesang, the stars of which were Neidhart, the Monk of Salzburg, and Oswald von Wolkenstein.

Ensemble Leones presents the music of the Early Habsburg Renaissance, which Maximilian brought into the marriage, and presents his colourful musical background, years before he would found his own royal chapel. The concert programme is interspersed with compositions taken from the repertoire of Maximilian’s court chapel, surviving in fragments that we reconstructed specifically for this programme.

Ensemble Leones
Els Janssens-Vanmunster – voice
Raitis Grigalis – voice
Mara Winter – transverse flute
Uri Smilansky – viola d'arco
Elizabeth Rumsey – Renaissance gamba
Marc Lewon – voice, lute, cetra, viola d'arco; direction